Hairs,as all professional producers know,are the core value of a brush.In this case,we tighten the rules from the start by selecting the best brush-used natural animal hairs in china northern part,where is our base,followed by precise purification,classification and categorization.All these handmade process is to guarantee the ultimate using sense for your customers.

It is without doubt that first-class brushes have top-ranking hairs,which is the most expensive part in the cost list.However,we have our own base for hair supply and honorably to say,we are also the major supplier for some famous Japanese and Korean producers who manufacturer brushes for the top cosmetic brands.Therefore,with relatively low cost for hairs,we could produce just the same,or even better quality brushes to achieve the finest cost performance.

Apart from the quality of hair,the assembling process is also the key to perfection.Then,from the start,we apply very procedure,especially the shaping of the hairs,just with hundreds paris of hands to meet our customer needs with a lash of scorpinos.