Different bristles have different it is vital to select the correct type of hair for the application of cosmetics,depending on the desired effect.The type of hair fiber selected generally determines the overall value of your brush.

Brush hair can be divided into two kinds:natural animal hair and synthetic fibers.There are two main characteristics that distinguish one hair from another,as well as hair from synthetic fibers.The first and most important characteristic is the hair is degree of absorbency.Hairs have scales,and the more secale,the greater the surface area to attract and hold liquids.This increased absorbency provides greater control in the application of makeup products because they are held within the body of the brush,allowing for even flow off the tip of the brush.Unlike natural hair,synthetics do not have scales.Synthetic fibers will not “absorb”makeup-liquid or powder.Spring and stiffness is the second most important characteristic.The presence or lack of it in a particulat hair will define how it can be used and with what type of liquid.